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International Commerce and Logistics

The department of International Commerce and Logistics aims to prepare students who would work at logistics sector as a qualified member. It is essential to prepare qualified members within logistics sector where goods and services are being produced and sold. Within this department, the educational purpose is to calculate all goods and services costs, management and control process and to reach the overall purpose which is to contribute all logistics process.

International transportation sectors have been growing and there is not enough qualified associates to handle different kinds of positions within this sector. Because of a general need for qualified associate, it is possible that graduates of logistics department receive job offers and have a great opportunity to work. Graduates of International Commerce Logistics department would work at public sectors such as Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, as well as private sectors such as any exporting-importing companies, international commerce commissions, and international transportation companies. 

Dean’s Message

It is a fact that the urgent needs of Turkey as a country which is experiencing a transition from an industrial society to a knowledge societyContinue


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