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The Department of Economics strives to prepare prosperous economists who are equipped with data analysis information, who has qualification to take part in public and private sector positions at information technology industry if required and who is capable of research and problem solving. Additionally, the department of Economics aims to prepare students who could offer solutions to contemporary companies in regard to enhancement, process controlling, and reporting, also who could implement essential statistics process control, sampling, economics and operations research. Moreover, students who could work as a computer programmer or computer system executive, and who are equipped with economics and business information are expected to become an advanced econometrics experts.  

Graduates of the Department of Econometrics would possibly work at public organizations such as Ministry of Development, Turkish Statistical Institute, Undersecretariat of Treasury, Central Bank of Turkish Republic, as well as private organizations such as insurance companies, banks, and research and development companies. 

Dean’s Message

It is a fact that the urgent needs of Turkey as a country which is experiencing a transition from an industrial society to a knowledge societyContinue


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