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SWOT/ Strengths

Erzurum in which our faculty is located;

-          Has Cifte Minareli Medrese and Yakutiye Medrese, hence it has university tradition almost one thousand years.

-          Is one of the most important winter sport center of the world

-          Is the most important center of region in terms of trade, tourism, health and education.

-          Has the alternative transportation channels

-          Is the headquarter for many private and public corporations such as Development Agency

Erzurum Technical University;

-          is one of the 6 technical universities in Turkey

-          is the only technical university in the region

-          has some unique units which are established or about to be established

-          will have a campus designed for the requirement and necessities of the era

-          has determined to take place amongst prestigious universities

-          has updated and high quality programs and course structures which enables  continuing education

-          has an environment where employees have a recognized and influential voice

-          Has academic staff who are innovative and young. Most of them have abroad experience and keep close relationship with the business world.

-          Is forming required infrastructure with its big library that   are necessary for good education and scientific research

-          Has close relations with national and international faculties about the student exchange (Farabi, Erasmus etc.) as well as academic staff exchange programs

-          Has close relations with local and central administrations, NGOs and industry representatives

-          Has  major programs which allow students to specialize in various areas and to learn a second language.  Social activities and technological infrastructure are also distinguishing features of the University

-          Are providing departmental and non-departmental courses for students to improve themselves

-          Has been planning  effective teaching with a small number of students



-          Inadequate  physical infrastructure

-          Improvements to  employee rights are regulated by law and it restricts any additional improvements. This in turn affects  attracting qualified academic staff to the University negatively

-          A library with full of resources has not been established yet

-          University does not have any alumni

-          Since the number of academic staff is not adequate, the number of publications is also far from what we want

-          Neither domestic nor international reputation is quite enough




-          There has been a significant increase in the amount of funding  for socio-economic projects   provided by national and international institutions such as the EU and Development Agencies

-          The significant increase in the level of cooperation between universities due to globalization. This allows improvement for research activities and joint projects across universities

-          Existence of Ataturk University with its 55 years history

-          Existence of logistics village with industrial area and SME-type industrial firms

-          Entrepreneurship is becoming more important and its value is appreciated by the government with an increasing support to entrepreneurs

-          There has been an increase in interdisciplinary research

-          Increase in cooperation between the university and industry

-          Faculty has a chance to adopt international higher education standards in the establishment phase

-          The city we are in is an attraction center for winter sports and tourism

-          Being in a central location and part of a technical university makes our faculty preferable for academic staff

-          Our institution is able to support industrial developments

-          The support of the public in Erzurum

-          Both private and public institutions are ready for cooperation with the University

-          Wide ranging job opportunities for our graduates

-          The increasing need of projects of both public and private corporations

-          The opportunity to exchange students and academic staff with other universities



-          As a result of the increase in the number of universities in Turkey, the number FEAS has increased

-          The difficulty of attracting high qualified academic staff

-          Under development of East Anatolia

-          Erzurum is far from big metropolises

-          The unfavourable condition of climate and geographic location

-          Being far from industry and trade centers

-          Due to low income level of academic staff, highly  qualified academicis   and students prefer private universities

-          The publicity of Erzurum is not on the desired level

-          Comparing with established universities, our University has no privilege provided by the central government

-          Being far from industrial areas and lack of industry sector in the area


Strategic Aims/ Goals

Strategic Goal 1:

To achieve a high quality teaching and education

Goal 1.1.  To improve physical and educational infrastructure

Goal 1.2. To improve organizational structure and to sustain high standards

Goal 1.3. To attract successful students

Goal 1.4. To increase the  importance of application and to encourage active participation of students

Goal 1.5. To support academic and social development of students

Goal 1.6. To take active role in the career plans of the students

Goal 1.7. To make strategy development and applications sustainable and institutionalized


Strategic Goal 2:

To increase quality and quantity of human resources

Goal 2.1.: To gather academic and administrative staff at the level of unit

Goal 2.2.: To measure and improve performances

Strategic Goal 3:

To increase quality and quantity of scientific activities

Goal 3.1.: To increase the contribution of the faculty members to scientific knowledge in international standards

Goal 3.2.: To support and encourage the project based work of faculty members with institutions such as EU, STRCT  and SPO

Strategic Goal 4:

To enhance both local and international mutual cooperation

Goal 4.1.: To increase the cooperation level with other institutions in terms of education and research

Goal 4.2.: To develop a connection between University-Industry- Society

Strategic Goal 5:

To improve reputation both national and international level

Goal 5.1.: To build and improve a cooperative identity of our Faculty

Goal 5.2.: To build a reputation amongst student groups

Goal 5.3.: To build a reputation in academic and scientific circles

Dean’s Message

It is a fact that the urgent needs of Turkey as a country which is experiencing a transition from an industrial society to a knowledge societyContinue


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