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Dean’s Message

It is a fact that the urgent needs of Turkey as a country which is experiencing a transition from an industrial society to a knowledge society, which are public dissemination of scientific and critical thinking, the edification of broad - visioned, disciplined leaders who could make development and transformation of the society. This need is fulfilled by the Faculties of Economics and Administrative Sciences (FEAS) which are chosen by increasing the number of students.

ETU; is one of the two public universities established in Erzurum which is an important education, trade, health and tourism center as well as an important attraction center for winter sports in Eastern Anatolia.

Established in 2010, ET-FEAS consist of seven departments, namely Economics, Business Administration, Political Science and Public administration, Econometrics, Public Finance, Banking- Finance, International Trade and Logistics. The Economics and Business Administration departments started their normal and evening education at 2012-13. Also, the Economics department have master (with thesis) and PhD programs.

The length of our undergraduate programs is 4 years. Since the Economics and Business Administration departments have close relationship, all of the first year courses and almost half of the second year courses are common - obligatory for students of both departments.  With the help of flexible curriculums and joint degrees, students can attend various courses fitting their interests starting from their third year. Also, we believe, these enable students to increase their job prospects.

Even if the medium of instruction is Turkish, our programs include foreign language courses due to the significance of foreign languages. As a result, we thinkour students have an advantage relative to their peers in other FEAS departments.

To integrate globally we have exchange programs (Erasmus, Farabi, Mevlana) and Fulbright programs for both foreign students and academicians who want to visit our university.

As a part of a technical university, our curriculum emphasises theoretical courses as well as application ones (project preparation, final thesis etc). This enables both academics and students to have an interest in industry problems and social issues as well as contributes the constitution of cooperation amongst university-industry-society, the lack of this issue is expressed often.

One important issue that is ignored by students until job interviews after graduation is internships. Every company has different expectations in those job interviews.  While some of them place importance on social skills, some other may look for technical skills. Our programs combine and develop both the social and technical skills of our students. Additionally, our compulsory internship program gives our students experience with both public and private sectors. Even before graduation, it may be possible to find a job for those who perform well during this period.

FEAS graduates have various job opportunities ranging from public sector (e.g., governor, inspector, judge) to private sector (e.g., broker, consultant). The duty of graduates from other departments such as engineering or law is generally evident. However, this is not true for graduate of FEAS.  Those who improve language and IT skills with a specialized focus in the interested area could find jobs without worrying too much about unemployment after their graduation.

Dean’s Message

It is a fact that the urgent needs of Turkey as a country which is experiencing a transition from an industrial society to a knowledge societyContinue


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